airlight (airlight) wrote,

And now we present a brief canvassing interlude...

Quick linkspam time:

And summary:
My younger brother has decided to try to get himself nominated to run for MEP for the East Midlands. He's attempting this through an organisation called the Jury Team, who are basically out to try and shake up party politics a bit by forming a sort of anti-party which provides support to independent candidates while allowing them to keep doing basically whatever the hell they like.

In order to stand any sort of chance once the actual campaigning starts, he needs to be the Jury Team's first-choice candidate for the East Midlands, which is selected through a primary that finishes this Friday. Voting for the primary is by text message.

If you're a UK resident and think any of this sounds remotely interesting, you should have a look at some or all of the links above. If you're still interested, you can vote for him in the primaries by texting JAMLOW01 to 86837 (the number spells out 'voter' on a phone keypad). Texts cost 25p, I believe, but they're a non-profit organisation and any revenue they manage to gather goes towards promoting their objectives "to open up and clean up politics".

*attempts minor sisterly help for his campaigning* :)

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