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maybe things will change

but maybe they will stay the same...

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Update: I don't tend to define myself as an English dropout any more. I'm a happy Mechanical Engineering student these days, and it's like coming home. Why I never thought of this before I don't know. It's good to feel that you're doing something worthwhile, something that could lead to places you've long dreamed about and rarely admitted.

About me? I dropped out of a BA in English at Trinity College, Cambridge, and now I'm making my useful contribution to society by studying acting by day and rehearsing at a volunteer-run theatre by night. Mostly I just like to hang out. Why not comment and say hi to provide some amusement? Or you could add me. I find people interesting.

Apart from that, I like to obsess somewhat arbitrarily over things (The Cooper Temple Clause! The Libs and post-Libs bands! Music in general!); usually just enough to worry my family. I don't watch much TV (Doctor Who! Never Mind The Buzzcocks! The Mighty Boosh!), which may or may not be due to not owning one. I love music and films. I somehow ended up as an indie kid without really meaning for it to happen. I spend a fair amount of time online, but less than I used to. Real life is more fun and more convenient for getting myself into interesting trouble.

I usually use MSN and Google Talk accounts for IMing purposes, but I have semi-abandoned accounts for other services. Yell at me if you want to chat and I can give you my details.

According to my friend bustahead, my strengths include hugging, making people laugh and eating with chopsticks. According to featherfinyipp and doteatop, I am like Jane Eyre. I'm not quite sure how to interpret that. Make of it what you will.
1950s science-fiction, 65daysofstatic, acting, adam hills, adventures and misadventures, aereogramme, alcoholic experiments, alice martineau, amateur haircutting, anticipation, assorted captains jack, bands who've split up, belle and sebastian, ben gautrey, books, boys in the band, british sea power, capoeira, captain mal reynolds, charlotte bronte, cheekbones, children's fantasy novels, chris addison, contrariness, crazy-person dancing, creating ridiculous character names, creativity, cynicism, dancing in the sun, dancing no-one else sees, dirty pretty things, doctor who, douglas adams, dr. horrible's sing-along blog, dreams, edinburgh fringe festival, elusion, emoting too much, envying fictional people, escaping responsibilities, firefly, franz ferdinand, garth nix, gig addiction, guitar, harmony williams, house, ice over puddles, iliketrains, indie music, instant messenging, island design, j k rowling, jack/ianto otp, jane eyre, joel plaskett emergency, john hassall, john wyndham, joss whedon, just the tonic, jägermeister, kieran mahon, last.fm, laughing uncontrollably, lee rosy's, lian hearn, little noseless pirates, live comedy, live music, love, maxïmo park, mixtapes, muse, music, natural beauty, neil gaiman, never mind the buzzcocks, night, obsessing over random things, oceansize, patrick o'brian, patrick wolf, paul smith's frenetic dancing, photography, pirates, playing music too loudly, post-hardcore, post-rock, procrastination, puzzlefighting, puzzlepirates, quadratic equations, rebellion, reese's peanut butter cups, refusing to sleep, rescue rooms, reservoir dogs, rhysmix, ridiculous nicknames, rock city, ross noble, royal shakespeare company, running, sarcasm, secrets, serenity, shotokan karate, singing along at gigs, singing to myself, sleeeeeep, spreading my addictions, star-filled skies, storytelling, stuart murdoch's crazy dancing, sullen strange-haired boys, sunlight through windows, sunset, super puzzle fighter, surfing at insane hours, synaesthesia, talking to complete strangers, team cooper, tech bonus, the carpentry puzzle, the cooper temple clause, the doctor/rose otp, the indelicates, the libertines, the mighty boosh, the sea, the social, tiny gigs, tom bellamy, torchwood, torrential rain, travelling, turning up the bass, unselfconscious dancers, varied artistic endeavours, violin, walking alone at night, wanderlust, war literature, we start fires, weird music, wicca, winter, words, writing, yeti

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